What People Are Saying

"I had talked to a couple of builders, and I was pretty unimpressed, mainly with their prices. I got Kelly's name from a close friend, and he came highly recommended. I found him to be most agreeable, nice man, very bright, very good ideas about building, and reliable, and that stayed true to the end the of project. He's got the resources and the skills to make that happen. The quality of the workmanship reflects that. The room that overlooks the Yadkin River where we live turned out exactly the way we wanted it—it just couldn't be better. He's a good communicator, and a very, very thoughtful and experienced individual."

- Dr. John Hammon

"I've been in the house almost two years now. My favorite thing about the house goes back to the style. It's just different from the average houses out there, Kelly put a lot of thought into it. He did some upgrades in the painting and the design. The quality of construction and sense of style that you just don't find everywhere. I like to do some things on my own and I've been kind of frustrated because there's nothing to do in this house! He had the foresight to pretty much have everything done when we moved in. That's very unusual. Kely was looking to do something different and we saw it early on."

- John Cunningham

"Working with Kelly Harkey on this major exterior renovation has been such an awesome experience! Kelly is professional, knowledgeable, timely and attentive to details. Throughout the project, his suggestions and ideas for design and materials enhanced the overall results. The new look of our house has exceeded our expectations! Kelly describes it as a metamorphis! We will definitely call him for our future projects and will, with pleasure and confidence, recommend Kelly to our friends and family."

- Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sullivan

"He's a first-class custom-builder, and he can do anything. His guys can do remodeling or build new homes. They are just very talented. The quality of the workmanship in everything they do in particularly their finishing work is truly extraordinary. The most recent project was to take two rooms from when the house was built new and combine those rooms into one master bedroom. Then he screened in my back porch and enclosed it. That's not a simple thing, because the way it was done it looks like it was done when the house was brand new, so he matched all the materials and everything and it was perfectly done. I have what I would call a first-class relationship with him."

- Don Ingram

"I'd worked with two other builders, but this was the first time I worked with Kelly and really didn't know much about him. I was just so impressed with his attention to detail and his excellent taste, that he would do things that I didn't even specify that were nicer than the things I would have specified. He's just got a wonderfully creative eye, and it just resulted in a very unique house that was personalized for us. His taste and our taste kind of meshed. He's also got great workers and carpenters that work for him, that are all so nice and personable. You can leave any of those guys in your house and just leave and never have to worry about it, which is my wife's supreme compliment. "

- Mark Fulk